About Can-Am Contractors, Inc.

Listen better. Plan better. Build better. That’s been our game plan since our company began in 1987, and it still brings us success today over 30 years later. Can-Am Contractors has remained a leader in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for commercial drywall and ceiling industry due to our core principles of maintaining consistent quality, working with integrity, and focusing on trust and communication with every client. We value our responsibility of helping shape not only projects, but communities. We built our company on our variety of services, including installing acoustical ceilings and wall panels as well as commercial drywall and metal framing for jobs of all scopes. Projects include schools, health care facilities, tenants, churches, restaurants, retail stores, shopping center renovations, and other commercial projects. Our team is strong, and so is our work. We know that your reputation is on the line when choosing a subcontractor for your project, and we’re committed to adding only value to your reputation. When you need the best, call Can-Am. We’re fully bondable and insured to perform work on all major construction projects.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As contractors, we at Can-Am agree that our responsibility in the construction industry stretches beyond the project. Our vision is to use our projects to create better communities and a more sustainable future. We do this by preserving buildings with great care, as well as by utilizing smart designs, quality materials, and more environmentally friendly practices. We strive to set a standard for green architecture throughout all of our services. Our company hopes to fulfill our part in leaving behind a greener future, and we believe that starts with proving that the construction industry can make better choices that lead to better results.


Can-Am Contractors cares about your project from the first conversation.
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