Acoustical Ceilings & Wall Panels

For over thirty years, Can-Am Contractors has been a preferred acoustical ceiling and wall panel installer in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Our product knowledge includes a wide array of materials and finishes, and our team’s craftsmanship is unparalleled. Can-Am is experienced in installing ceilings and wall panels for both cosmetic and functional use, working with complex designs while enhancing acoustical absorption and reducing sound reverberation. We’re equipped to handle all types of thermal and acoustical insulation, as well as acoustical sound panels, tectum, and other specialty products.

No Job Too Big or Small

One thing we have always prided ourselves on is our ability to maintain consistency and quality. Though we have decades of experience, we’ve made a conscious effort never to become complacent in our work, no matter the job. From the big, elaborate jobs to the smaller, simpler projects, we still show up with the same standard of professionalism, communication, quality, and respect to schedules and budgets. For three generations, we’ve made it a point to not see any job as small and to treat every project as if it deserves our very best, because it does.

Reducing Sound

While acoustical ceilings and wall panels can be designed to add aesthetic value, their main function is to reduce sound reverberation. These panels are especially necessary in buildings such as schools, office buildings, retail outlets, manufacturing companies, music production and recording studios, and conference halls that can generate a lot of noise, either due to amount of people or the space’s design. Panels help prevent sound from traveling to surrounding rooms, as well as soften acoustics for people in the room itself. We at Can-Am take pride in the work we do, and it shows in our projects. To see photos of our work with acoustical ceilings and wall panels, browse our gallery below.


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